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Who can benefit from hair transplant

Hair loss is a problem that many people often experience nowadays.
The source of the problem may vary from person to person.
The hair loss usually develops in the progressive ages, In some cases it can occur on drug use, various diseases, stresses and hormone related.
Hair transplant has an important place in solving the problem.

If hair loss happens depending on the hormones, age and hereditary factors, as a solution hair transplant is preferred. There is no age limit in order to have HT operation, however the one needs to have enough healthy hair follicles at a certain level. The healthy hair roots gets extracted from the donor area and transplants on the areas that area lack of hair.

Who are the most suitable candidates for hair transplant?

First of all, the person who wants to have the hair transplant needs to get through a consultation.
If the hair structure and hair roots are suitable and healthy enough for hair transplant, than the operation date can be scheduled on a specified date., hair transplantation
A certain time before the operation, the use of alcohol and caffeine needs to be stopped.
Blood-thinning drugs can cause hemorrhage after hair transplan, this is why the one need to quit taking blood thinners a couple days before the operation.
If the one absolutely have to use blood thinners, the doctor should be consulted and if possible, hair transplantation should not be preferred. Hair transplant can not be performed on those, who have a serious illness.

Healthy Hair Roots Required for Hair Transplantation

At very advanced ages, the hair looses its characteristics and weak, fast-breaking structure prevails. Unfortunately, those cases are not considered as good candidates for hair transplant. If the hair roots are not strong enough, than the transplanted hair will not grow as strong. It is important to ask your doctor any question that forms in mind before the operation.

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