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Things you should do after HT

Stress, depression, diseases, medicine and wrong cosmetic use can result with hair loss. On the other hand, some people are more likely to experience genetic hair loss. Hair transplant is a permanent solution for those, who experience hair loss and want to gain dense hair. The things should be done after the operation is quite simple.

There are certain things you should and shouldn’t be doing before and after the hair transplant operation. There are necessary rules you need to follow. The steps you need to follow for protection of the scalp helps to get through a faster healing.

Treatment after Hair Transplant

Things the one need to do after hair transplant includes a special treatment routine. The hair wash which is suggested 2 days after the operation could also be performed by the clinic, where the operation takes place. It is important to use the products that are suggested by your doctor, while performing the hair wash at home.

Other procedures to do after HT

2 days after the operation the hair needs to be washed. During the drying process, the one needs to be very careful and gentle. It is important not to use a towel. Instead of a towel the one should use a clean tissue without scrubbing it on the head. Blow dry machine is not good to use and shouldn’t be preferred.

During the aftercare of the operation, for a certain time, the one needs to stay away from alcohol consumption, including the products that contains alcohol. This way the recovery will be healthier and easier.

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