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The things should do before HT

Hair loss can accrue because of genetic reasons as well as it can depend on external factors. Wrong hair treatments, stress, various illnesses, menopause and malnutrition can trigger hair loss. Hair loss accruing because of these factors can be observed more on the elderly ages. As a cure hair transplant often preferred. The operation allows people to have dense and natural hair. Well, what is a good path to follow before someone goes through hair transplant operation ?

Watch what you consume before HT

The food you consume is something you need to be careful about before the operation. In order to take the necessary measures the one needs to stay away from consuming alcohol, caffeine and blood thinners a couple days before their operation.

The one should not use any cosmetic products on their hair before the operation. Grease, or hair spray and cosmetics and lotions that includes chemicals in should not be used. The hair needs to be on its natural look.

Medicine use before hair transplant

If there is a current medicine the one uses, they need to consider the side effects of the meds and consult with their doctor. The vitamins like E and B can increase bleeding, this is why it is not suggested to take vitamin E and B before the operation.

Before the operation it is important and beneficial to consume food. This is why, to have a good breakfast beforehand can consider a thing you should do. This way you can stay strong through the operation.

People who have significant diseases can not get hair transplant. Especially, whom suffering from blood pressure, and blood sugar needs to consult with their doctor first.

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