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The Highlights of the FUE Method

You must have heard about several different hair transplant methods. You may have heard some myths too. As hair transplant technology has advanced, it has become more sophisticated and accurate. Today, Follicular Unite Extraction or FUE hair transplant in Turkey has become one of the most popular choices for most hair transplants.

To understand why this method is so popular, let us look into the benefits offered by it:

  1. Minimal Invasion and Invisible Scars

The FUE technique has minimal intervention in the human body, that is almost negligible. The procedure is performed in just one session, without any stringent requirements. Since the invasion is almost negligible, the patient can leave the clinic right after the implantation is complete and resume a normal life. The minimally invasive method is practised through minute incisions both in the donor and recipient areas. These become invisible to the eye after healing. Thus, the FUE technique leaves no permanent scars on the scalp.

  1. Multiple Donor Area Options

The FUE technique allows the extraction of hair follicles from any healthy donor site. The donor areas are not restricted to the back and side of the scalp. If needed, hair follicles can also be extracted from areas like the beard or the chest. This is why the technique is also used for body and facial hair transplant.

  1. Hair Removal is Kept as Minimum as Possible

The FUE hair transplant in Turkey allows high precision in the hair follicle extraction process. This ensures that only the required number of follicles are extracted without losing hair density and that the surgeon doesn’t spend a lot of time on the extraction process. Through a professional study of the scalp, the doctors are able to figure out the exact follicles requirement and how they can be obtained.

  1. Simple Post-Treatment Care

After the FUE treatment, you will notice constant hair growth. This means that you will not be faced with days when you cannot step out of the house due to uneven hair growth. Apart from this, it is really very simple to take care of the transplanted hair. There are no specific demands apart from the obvious ones like no harsh rubbing, sleeping carefully etc. Also, the patient needs to refrain from heavy physical exercising for some time.

  1. Natural Appearance

One of the biggest advantages of a hair transplant by the FUE method is that it brings out a completely natural appearance. When the surgery is over, people will not be able to guess that you have had a transplant just by looking at your head. This is possible because the FUE technique allows highly accurate implantation, achieving the exact angle and direction of hair follicle placement.

These are some of the key benefits due to which the FUE technique has become highly sought after. Our qualified doctors have performed a huge number of successful FUE transplants and will help you get a better and younger experience.

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