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The Different Steps of a Hair Transplant

We understand that a surgical hair transplant procedure seems to be a scary idea to many people. This is primarily because people have very less information about the process and there are many myths and misconceptions about it. In reality, a hair transplant is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure that does not leave any permanent marks and offers a permanent solution to the issue of hair loss.

To get comfortable with the idea of a hair transplant in Turkey, one needs to first understand the basics of it. Read on to find out the steps of a hair transplant:

Step 1 – Planning and Consultation

The first crucial step of a hair transplant is the initial consultation with the doctor and the planning. In the first consultation, our qualified doctors will estimate the donor areas, the potential of the procedure, your hairline and other factors will be taken into account. After this, the surgeon will plan the entire transplant, starting from the method to be followed to the drawing of the reconstructed hairline.

Step 2 – Extraction of Hair Grafts

Our experienced and certified medical aesthetic doctors conduct the extraction of hair follicles with utmost diligence and integrity. It is imperative that the exit direction, angle and orientation of the hair follicles are considered when extracting the follicles. If this is not performed with the utmost care, connective tissues surrounding the follicle may sustain an injury. In this case, the follicles cannot be used for transplantation. Both FUE and DHI techniques allow the extraction of a high number of healthy hair follicles for achieving a high density of transplant.

Step 3 – Hair Graft Placement or Implantation

Just like fingerprints, every individual has a unique pattern of hair growth. Our team of doctors identify this pattern and ensure that the hair grafts are implanted following this pattern and not against it. The angle, direction and alignment of the hair follicles should be accurate during the implantation. The doctors always strive to attain the maximum possible density of implantation so that you can have a head full of hair. This is one of the most important steps as it affects the final appearance of the person. Our team ensures that the graft placement is done with utmost care to achieve a natural look.

Step 4 – Post-Transplant Care

For healthy hair growth, it is necessary that the transplanted hair is looked after well and cared for. Our doctors will help you with the do’s and don’ts of hair care. If you have a habit of smoking or drinking, you will be advised to refrain from it. These activities affect the blood flow and hamper the oxygen-carrying ability of the blood. Again, you will have to consume vitamin and protein-rich food. Further, stress and physical exercise must be avoided after the transplant.

Our doctors will guide you through every step of the hair transplant in Turkey. The experience and expertise of our team will ensure that you have a successful transplant and the process goes smoothly.

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