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The appearance of men

As you know men don’t use cosmetic products as women, who can change their looks with makeup and hair color. When men want to make a change, they can let their hair or beard to grow. Especially the beard, changes the image of a man completely. Since childhood, every man wants its bear to grow one day for this reason. But sometimes its beard cannot come out because of genetic diseases. For such cases, beard transplantation is being used more and more day by day.

We often see people who had hair transplantation and they must take care not to be over-exposed to the sun after the surgery. The beard plant is practically applied in the same way as the hair plant. It’s being done the same techniques as hair transplantation.

People can be completely bald, as well as people with rare beards. This can be seen as a big problem, especially at young ages. Many men struggle every day with shaving their beard. However, young people do not handle it this way. They see it as a tool that changes their faces and makes them more masculine. In fact, they are right.

For beard transplantation, roots are removed from the cheek bone region or the under-ear region, which distorts the aesthetic appearance of the face for sparse beards. For completely bearded faces, roots are taken from various parts of the neck or body.

The most important thing to be aware of for beard transplantation is to provide a proper aesthetic appearance with the right physician. It is necessary to expect a natural appearance instead of abundant beard.

It is very important for men who want to do this, to find the right physician after giving their decisions. Wrong choice of physician can cause worst results than being beardless.

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