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1. The Parties

On one side; “Dikilitaş, Ayazmadere Caddesi Otim Building No: 4 Beşiktaş / İstanbul / Turkey” address, resident of erc Sağlık ltd. Sti. (hereinafter referred to as “SERVICE PROVIDER”) and on the other side; Real or legal person (briefly referred to as “CUSTOMER” and / or “in this contract, by purchasing the SERVICE PROVIDER products / services on the website of the SERVICE PROVIDER” www.emrahcinik.com “(this site). This Preliminary Information Form and Service Agreement (“Contract” for short) have been accepted in the form and conditions below.

After that in the Contract; CUSTOMER / YOU and SERVICE PROVIDER may be referred to separately as “Parties” and together as “Parties”.

2. Subject and Purpose of the Contract


Subject of this Agreement; The sales of the products and services that the CUSTOMER has ordered and the sales price and qualifications of which are specified during the ordering process, from the products / services offered by the SERVICE PROVIDER on the “www.emrahcinik.com” website or the website to be directed by the SERVICE PROVIDER; and It covers the rights and obligations of the parties with regard to its use and the provisions of the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumers – Distance Contracts Regulation (RG: 27.11.2014 / 29188) for the customers who have the title of consumer.


By accepting this Preliminary Information Form and Service Agreement, the CUSTOMER accepts in advance that he / she will be under the obligation to pay the additional price specified as the subject of the order and the shipping fee if any, such as tax, and that he / she has been informed about it.


Your acceptance of this Agreement electronically will also include this Agreement and the General Terms of Use, Privacy – Security Policy, Operational Working Conditions and the contracts specific to the product / service you have received, on the website “www.emrahcinik.com” attached to the Agreement. It will mean that you have read, understood, agreed and have been informed within the scope of the Regulation on Distance Sales and the related Consumer Legislation and that you have been informed about the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumers – Distance Contracts Regulation and that you agree that the terms of the Agreement are binding for you.


3. Effective Date and Duration of the Contract


3.1. The duration of this Agreement; Submission (activation) date of the requested product / service following the request (order) of the product / service online via the “www.emrahcinik.com” website of the CUSTOMER’S SERVICE PROVIDER or the website to be directed by the SERVICE PROVIDER. Starts as of. The SERVICE PROVIDER records will be taken as basis for the activation date.


3.2. Contract term; The product / service chosen by the CUSTOMER during the order is about the usage period.


3.3. If the contract period is extended, changes in prices will be reflected to the CUSTOMER and pricing will be made at current prices.


3.4. In the event that the Agreement terminates before the deadline, except for the written notification and termination by the CUSTOMER for a just cause arising from the SERVICE PROVIDER, no refund is made to the CUSTOMER by the SERVICE PROVIDER.


4. Notifications


4.1. The SERVICE PROVIDER will use the e-mail address provided by the CUSTOMER for any notification to the CUSTOMER, including service renewal. It is the CUSTOMER’s responsibility to ensure that this address is a valid address, that it belongs to an authorized person regarding the services received and kept up to date. With the acceptance that CUSTOMER knows the service renewal periods; It accepts that CUSTOMER SERVICE PROVIDER will not hold the SERVICE PROVIDER responsible for any problems or delays that may arise due to problems or delays in the e-mail notifications regarding the renewal operations made by the CUSTOMER SERVICE PROVIDER.


4.2. The CUSTOMER will not request any rights and damages from the SERVICE PROVIDER due to the inaccuracies and damages that may arise from the wrong, incomplete or up-to-date information provided to the SERVICE PROVIDER after registration, or after starting to use the service, The identity and contact information that they have reported, the e-mail address is valid, correct and complete, will be accepted by the SERVICE PROVIDER in this way, and all notification and invoicing by the SERVICE PROVIDER to the CUSTOMER will be made within this information, unless otherwise specified by the CUSTOMER. Acknowledgment and undertaking that the information conveyed is followed by an authorized person by the CUSTOMER regarding the service subject to this Agreement, and in case of any change, it will inform the SERVICE PROVIDER. would. Any responsibility that may arise from the fact that this information is not correct, complete and up to date belongs to the CUSTOMER.

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