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Protect the Face Mimics

Human beings are the only living being that can tell their problem with facial expressions. Eyebrows are at the center of these mimics. The exploding, spreading, upward eyebrows can tell a lot of the truth without using a single word. It also determines the character of our face. Even if some people cut their eyebrows because they are united or lush some people may be confronted with the problem of eyebrow loss. Fortunately, like the hair transplantation also eyebrow transplantation is often applied today.

It has written so many songs for eyebrows . Who knows how many folk songs about the eyebrows like the bow that send arrow-like eyelashes to the hearts of men. For an aesthetic appearance is taken up, especially by women, for their encounters, shaped and sometimes redrawn with a pen.

Some individuals may have problems such as being sparse or completely missing. Eyebrow transplantation are made in such undesirable situations. The hair follicles taken from certain regions of the body are aimed to be transplanted to the eyebrow area.

The eyebrows are really valuable for aesthetic appearance of the face. For this reason, much more attention should be paid to planting. The right physician and clinical preference is of greater importance than other types of transplantations. Because the wrong application can result in a very ugly image.

Two methods called FUT and FUE are used in hair transplantation. In the FUT method, the roots taken by a surgical operation in a region are applied to the desired region. FUE is applied by taking the hair roots one by one. Because of the aesthetic appearance that must be provided, the FUE method must be used for eyebrow transplantation because of the angle. Otherwise, the eyebrows can be pointed out incorrectly or vertically.

Individuals who want to have eyebrow planting need to do a good research for the right physician. With the right clinical practice and aesthetic expert, the eyebrows can easily be obtained.

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