Needle Free Anesthesia

No Needle No Pain Hair Transplant

Hair transplant operations today and those from only ten years ago are completely different. Today, hair loss can be treated, which is great news for everyone, especially those with a fear of needles. Thanks to needle-free anesthesia, patients can watch movies, read books, or listen to music during a hair transplant in Turkey.

Understanding how needle-free anesthesia is possible and what makes this one of the most popular hair transplant techniques is not that hard at all. We’ve put together a sort of a guide. Let’s what makes needle-free hair transplant possible.

Needle Free Anesthesia

The “Comfort-in” System and Needle Free Anesthesia for a Hair Transplant

People familiar with hair transplant techniques know that anesthesia comes before extracting hair follicles and follicular units. In the past, local anesthetics were applied via a needle. However, Dr. Emrah Cinik now performs hair transplant operations with the Comfort-in system – the cutting edge technology that enables needle free anesthesia.

Standard anesthesia involves needle injection into the scalp, which is terrifying for some patients with a fear of needles. The Dr. Emrah Cinik Hospital now offers a needle-free anesthesia option to his patients. The local anesthetics are injected via a jet, and the procedure is perfectly comfortable.

How Does Needle-free Anesthesia Work?

Needle-free anesthesia works flawlessly. Once we prepare a patient’s scalp for the hair transplant procedure, we need to apply a local anesthetic. Local anesthesia is applied with a special Comfort-in system based on the cutting edge tech in the world of medicine – Jet Injection.

The patients’ comfort is one of our top priorities. Before we take the follicular units or hair follicles, we need to ensure that the area is numb so that the patients don’t feel any pain or discomfort. The Jet injection has no needle at the tip, but it’s still able to insert the local anesthetic under the skin.

Patients with a fear of needles can now get their hair back without having to go through any stress. The anesthesia works the same as the one applied via a needle. Once it starts working, the patients can comfortably read books, listen to music or watch movies while Dr. Emrah Cinik operates on them.

Needle Free Anesthesia

Undergoing a Hair Transplant: The Most Painful Part

Dr. Emrah Cinik has performed thousands of hair transplant procedures so far. According to him, the most painful part of a hair transplant operation is the anesthesia. Using the needle to administer the local anesthetics in different areas in a short time window can cause a lot of pain and discomfort to patients.

The skin on the head is well-innervated, and injection into the scalp is known to result in pain. The Comfort-in system ensures that patients experience less pain. The best news is that it uses no needle to administer anesthetics.

Is Needle Free the Only Advantage Here?

While the benefit is more than enough for some patients to make a decision, let’s quickly go through the rest of the benefits this procedure offers.

Some patients have a very serious fear of needles. The fear is known to become so unbearable that these patients can’t handle it and often faint. The very fact that the Comfort-in system offers a method of applying a local anesthetic without using a needle is a huge benefit for this group of patients. This can be counted as a psychological benefit.

There is also the question of infection. The legacy methods for applying local anesthetics are based on needles. There is always a risk of infection when there is a needle involved, but with the Comfort-in system, this risk is completely mitigated. On top of that, the scalp heals faster, since there is less damage, and the entire procedure is considerably faster.

Needle Free Transplant Anesthesia
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