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The reasons for unsuccessful HT

Too much stress, and factors like depression, diseases, medicine and wrong cosmetic use can result with hair loss. With progressive age hair loss can be extreme and requires intervention. At this point, hair transplant helps people to regain their dense and healthy hair. However, under some circumstances the operation can be unsuccessful. What are the factors that cause their transplant to fail?
There are more than one reasons that can cause unsuccessful hair transplant. The most common fact is the doctor not being professional enough. Experience and knowledge is extremely important in order to perform the operation.The doctors, who are lack of experience can transplant the grafts wrong, which can later on results with an unsuccessful result.
If the hair gets extracted from an unhealthy area, the operation will not result good. This situation can cause damage on the transplanted and the donor area.

What to do, to not experience unsuccessful hair transplant?

First of all, the one should consult with a professional doctor. This way you will eliminate most of the possible risks and it will help to get through a faster post operation (healing) period.

The operation. which ends successfully requires special treatment. One reason that cause unsuccessful hair transplant is, not taking good care of the transplanted hair after the operation. It is extremely important to follow your doctors advice and to use the necessary aftercare products. If your doctor gives specific products for the hair wash, it is important to prefer to use those products.

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