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Important Tips for Hair Transplantation Thinkers

Best solution for hair loss, which is a natural problem, is hair transplantation. With professional hair planting, it is possible to get the highest yield without harming hair roots. There are some points to note before and after hair transplant operation. Those who think to do hair transplant should have information about what to do before.

It is an operation that requires preparation before. Although the procedure is a light procedure, the person who will make the hair transplant must be careful to raise the quality of the hair. It is important that you prepare yourself before the operation. The operation can take between 6 and 9 hours. Each hair root is individually processed. If the precautions are done carefully, the quality of operation will increase.

What should be done before hair transplantation?

• If the person performing the operation is working, he / she should take 1 week 10 days off because it is necessary to rest after the transaction.
• One week before the operation, blood thinners, depression medication, E and B vitamins, food supplements, multi vitamins should be left.
• If alcohol is used, it should be stopped 3 days before surgery.
• The person who will operated should inform the doctor about all medicines used.
• Comfortable clothes should be worn during the operation.
• An adjustable hat can be taken for use after the operation.
• The operation can also be comfortable with a travel pillow.
• There is no need to shorten the hair before operation.
In order to pass a quality hair planting process, the things to be done before hair transplant should be discussed in detail with the doctor who will do the operation.By practicing the above items and talking to your doctor with all the details, you can experience the hair transplantation process and after with quality.

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