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How long does hair transplant take?

Hormones, genetics , stress and drug use can cause hair loss. The ones who are suffering from hair loss finds their solution with hair transplant. Okay, but how long will it take to get hair transplant ?
The answer of this question differs from person to person. Some factors that affects this period are; The number of the healthy roots, age and the medicine. For example, if the patient is using blood thinner, they need to quit the medicine a few days before the operation. The se of blood thinner causes more bleeding than usual, this is why the operation requires more time and focus.

The time that hair transplant takes

The duration of the operation can change depending on how dense the hair is. If the operation is being performed on a elder patient, the duration can be longer. It ıs possıble to tranplant thousands of grafts at one session.
If the balding is partial than the tratment can be completed at one session. However if there is extreme baldness than the tratment can take two to three sessions to be complete. In order to determine the number od sessions needed, doctor consultation is a must.

Post operation care

The thing you need to be aware of before the operation also applies for post operation. The aftercare of the operation is as important as the operation itself. For example; the one needs to stay away from alcohol for a certain time period.
The healing process of the operation is very important as well. The operation’s result will be accurate in 1 year. Do not forget that these periods can differ from one person to the other.

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