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Hair Transplant without Shaving

Hair Transplant without Shaving

If you’re dealing with hair loss, a hair transplant is a perfect solution that will instantly restore both your youthful appearance and your confidence. Hair restoration has the power to change your life completely, but you need to make sure you find a good hair transplant surgeon first.

Turkey is the most popular destination for getting a high-quality hair transplant, so you should definitely take it into consideration. Moreover, it’s where you can get the most affordable hair transplant surgery in the world.

Get a High-Quality Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

If you’re thinking about restoring your youthful look with a hair transplant in Turkey, consider doing it at Dr. Cinik Clinic in Istanbul. At this clinic, you can get an excellent FUE hair transplant, including a DHI hair transplant, and restore your hair in just one sitting.

Many patients don’t go through with their decision to undergo a hair transplant procedure, because they simply don’t want to shave their heads. This is why expert surgeons have come up with an unshaven FUE technique, which is especially appealing to patients who wear their hair longer. 

Hair transplants require follicular units, that is, donor hairs to be extracted and inserted into a recipient area. An unshaven hair transplant is exactly the same, except there’s no shaved hair involved, so you’re a good candidate even if you have long hair.

You can get a hair transplant without shaving your head, and still effectively treat your balding areas with all the transplanted hairs your surgeon previously extracts.

Hair Transplant without Shaving

How Does a Hair Transplant Work without Shaving?

During a hair transplant procedure without shaving, your surgeon will:

  • administer local anesthesia to the donor area
  • use an instrument called a micro motor to make tiny round punch incisions (0.6 – 1.20 mm in diameter) necessary for extracting the healthy follicles from the donor site after the local anesthesia has taken effect
  • trim the individual follicular units to create the donor grafts for the transplant
  • place the harvested grafts in a storage solution to preserve the hair cells
  • use either custom-made needles to open the channels in the recipient sites and insert the grafts, or use an implanter pen called a Choi pen to insert the grafts.


What Method Is Used for This Type of Hair Transplant?

The method used for this type of hair transplant is called the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method. It is completely painless, minimally invasive, leaves no scars, and can be used for restoring hair both with and without shaving.

It’s the most popular hair transplantation technique in Turkey, but there’s another worth mentioning.

That’s the DHI hair transplant (Direct Hair Implantation). It’s performed completely the same as the FUE technique, except a Choi pen is used to insert the harvested grafts, instead of custom-made needles for opening the channels in the recipient sites.


What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of This Treatment?

The advantages of this type of hair restoration include:

  • no shaving
  • no scars
  • hardly visible scabs and crusts in the donor area after the surgery
  • short recovery time.


The disadvantages of this procedure include:

  • a limited number of grafts per session
  • more time necessary for completing the procedure
  • huge experience and skills required for effective procedure.

As you may agree, the benefits of unshaven hair transplant procedure definitely outweigh the disadvantages. The results are instantly visible, there are no scars, and you can get back to your daily activities in just a couple of days, with the hair you can be genuinely proud of.


DHI Hair Transplant Is Popular Among Women as Well

Since no shaving is necessary for this highly-specialized hair restoration technique, it’s a very popular choice among women as well. They can keep their favorite hairstyle while experiencing the same excellent results they want and deserve.

Ready to transform Your Looks with an Unshaven Hair Transplant? Contact Dr. Cinik Clinic Today!

Dr. Emrah Cinik will be with you from your first consultation to the day you restore your youthful appearance. He’s one of the most innovative and reliable names in this field, so you can be sure that you and your hair will be in the safest of hands.

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