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FUE Hair Transplantation

What Is FUE Hair Transplantation Technique?

For those who want to have a hair transplant, the burning question is which hair transplantation procedure is the best technique. The FUE technique, which refers to “Follicular Unit Extraction” or “Individual Follicle Extraction”, is considered the most advanced hair transplant technique available.

The FUE hair transplant technique is surgical variant of the follicular micro transplant technique and it is implemented by extracting the follicles of the donor site on an individual basis without the need of stitches and without leaving scars.

These follicular units in groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hair groups are extracted in its natural groupings and prepared carefully. As a matter of principle, there is no better technique than another since the form of extraction the follicles from the donor zone by keeping its natural form.

Who Are The Good Candidates For The FUE Technique?

  • Patients who have limited and controlled hair loss,
  • Patients who prefer to avoid scarring,
  • Patients with donor sites of low density,
  • Patients who want to disguise scars of previous hair transplantation procedures.

Extraction of follicles by the FUE technique is much more simple and painless in comparison with other hair transplantation techniques. Primarily, FUE is a minor surgery, classified as a simple medical act.  As a heart of the matter, no damage occurs in any follicular unit during extraction. And there is no risk of sensivity loss in donor zone. The size of needles or punches is significant at this point. The success of FUE is derived from the accurate use of the smallest possible punch. Choosing the right size plays a decisive role and it depends on the experience of the implementer.

In the meanwhile, the FUE technique is not an invasive surgery, since therefore the hair transplantation zone heals within a couple of days and there is no risk of nerve damage.

Benefits of FUE Technique

Patient is allowed to perform sports 8 days later the implementation of FUE surgery. In this period, the units of transplanted folliculars take root in the receiving area.

Another benefit of FUE technique is various potential donor zone options all over the body. It is possible with FUE to replace the excessive the hair in other parts of the body and transplant to the desired area.

The best quality of hair transplantation is available with the FUE technique. For that matter, after implementation of FUE, the patient is also able to choose any hair style at any time he wishes.

After all, the success of all hair transplantation techniques depends on the experience and professionalism of the implementer. For that matter, should you desire the best result after hair transplantation, ask for commitment of natural appearance, extensive experience and good examples served in the past depending on the needs and expectations of previous patients.

As a final word, it can be said that FUE technique is more favourable for the patients in the meaning of multiple choice of graft source, fast healing process and %100 guarantee of success.

FUE Hair Transplant For The Satisfactory Results

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is known as the best and optimal hair transplantation available today. It gives benefit in micro surgery with the smallest micro-scalpels which are less than 1 mm thick used in the process of surgery.  By the help of these smallest needles and micro-scalpels, the more number of hairs can be extracted and transplanted in the right angle and direction into the treatment zone.

Who Can Have Hair Transplantation By FUE Technique?

FUE technique is available for the patients in good health and of all ages who want to have hair transplantation.

Another required spesification for those who wants to have FUE is adequate donor area in good quality of dense hair.

Should hair transplantation preferred in early ages, it is predicted that further surgery sessions can be required in following ages by hormonal reasons and nonstable hair loss. Also, personal aesthetical expectations may change in time. Ages of 30-40 are expected to give pretty much more satisfactory results for this reason. That’s why, it is highly reccommended to start hair transplantation after the age of 30 not only due to hormonal reasons but also because of changing aesthetical expectations of young people in long years.

Apart from the age of the patient, other factors that affect the quality and result of FUE hair transplantation surgery are

  • Density of the donor zone
  • The extent of transplantation zone
  • The number of hairs extracted per follicular unit
  • Sex
  • Quality of grafts
  • Hair type and
  • Hair colour

In order to get the best result after the FUE surgery, the candidates are advised to have these stated qualities checked by a dermatologist. If all qualifications are adequate in your texture structure, then you are a good candidate for implementation of FUE technique.

The rest depends on success of treatment in right clinique and by the right implementer.

The Newest Technology In FUE Hair Transplantation

The state of the art technology in FUE technique is the robotic treatment. The 2nd and 3rd generation of robotic FUE technologies are also available. Desire you get the the latest generation of treatment, seek for the latest versions of technology in the hair transplantation clinique as well as the extensive experience of treament team.

By means of highly accurate imaging spesification of robotic technology, it is possible to extract more follicular units in a safe way without leaving any trace or scar.  We need hardly mention that the effective use of robotic technology requires to be applied by an experienced surgeon for good results.

The Advantages of FUE Technique

There are several advantages strengths of FUE technique for the benefits of the patients. If needed to list briefly, it can be said that

  • short sessions,
  • quick recovery,
  • consistent results and

Under favor of very required spesifications listed above FUE is highly preferred and advised lately.

At latest in two weeks after the application of FUE technique, the patient can resume on his sportive activities including heavy sports.

Which Hair Transplantation Technique Is The Best?

In this article we would like to discuss the best hair transplantation techniques available.

FUE Technique:

The FUE hair tranplant technique is currently known to be the latest and most advanced hair transplantation method. Especially when used in crown area on head, it gives quick and most advantageous results both in men and women.

Well known advantages of FUE hair transplantation technique can be listed just like below;

  • FUE is the least invasive surgery method
  • FUE is available with the smallest needles and micro surgical tools so that it helps to extract a large number of graft from donor zone
  • Patients are able to recover in a very quick way after surgery, just like in 2-4 days.
  • Fue can be applied in any age with satisfactory results extending over long years

There are several forms of FUE technique depending on the surgical tools used during the procedure.

The very useful types of FUE technique currently available are:

  • Gold FUE Technique
  • Perkutan Technique

In Gold FUE Technique, the surgical tools used in surgery are made up of gold. Gold is known to be the most coherent material to the human body and the very special gold surgery tools are designed in a very sensitive way.

In Perkutan Technique, the micro surgery tools are designed not to damage the application area without leaving any scars or trace. By this means, recovery period gets the shortest ever. The most delicate part of Perkutan Technique is that it needs to be applied by an extense experienced surgeon or surgery team who are highly competent in micro surgery.  In comparison with other methods, another strength of Perkutan technique is get shaved is not required.

IceGraft Hair Transplantation:

IceGraft Hair Transplantation is made by the help of a special solution that is used to protect and give strength to the grafts obtained from donor site for a while. Hair grafts are soaked in IceGraft solution is a low and constant temperature solution so that the grafts grow and get stronger with substantial components just like in human body.

One of the latest and best hair transplantation techniques is DHI (Direct Hair Implementation). In DHI technique, most of the known risks of previous hair transplantation techniques are reduced.  On the other hand, preservation of the naturality of hair grafts is the most advategous side of DHI technique.  Even if DHI procedure takes a little bit longer than other methods, the recovery time is shorter as there is no surgery cut used, in a very least invasive way.

How To Decide The Best Hair Transplantation Method For You

When you decide to have your hair transplanted, there are some clues to take into consideration.  There are several weaknesses and strenths of each hair transplantation technique.

First of all, one of the most important characteristic of a hair transplantation technique is the surgery method and surgery tools used. Some techniques are pretty much better in making the surgery without leaving any scar or trace.

Another very important issue that patients should consider is the recovery time. Some techniques are much more available to provide the fast and shortest recovery for the patients.