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Eyebrow Hair Transplantation

Get Bushy and Defined Eyebrows With Dr. Cinik's

Eyebrows are a significant part of the face. They add depth to the eyes and define the frame of the face. Thin, patchy or absence of eyebrows can hamper the appearance of a person and dent their self-confidence.

Diseases or abnormalities often result in thin or non-existent eyebrows. The structure of the eyebrow can also be destroyed by too much plucking or application of permanent make-up. Modern eyebrow hair transplant is effective in restoring eyebrows.

Modern transplant methods are effective in restoring a full, expressive and naturally growing eyebrow. The refined and affordable modern transplant techniques are used to fix patchy and scarred brows too. In this modern procedure, natural hair grafts are extracted from another part of the patient’s body (generally the skull) and transplanted to the eyebrows.

Eyebrow transplanting involves precision work, meaning the expertise and experience of the doctor are essential elements in the selection of a Clinic. Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant Hospital offers reliable and affordable eyebrow hair transplant in Turkey, performed by highly skilled and experienced surgeons.

Why You Should Opt For Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

Eyebrow Transplant OperationAbnormalities or diseases can often cause eyebrows to be non-existent or scanty in growth. Sometimes, eyebrows can also be patchy, thin or scarred due to:

  • Injuries, burns or surgery scars
  • Over-plucking, laser hair removal
  • Chemotherapy or similar radiotherapy
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Genetics

All forms of damage can be permanently treated with an eyebrow hair transplant. The (Follicular Unit Extraction) FUE technique is the most common method used for eyebrow transplant as it promises the best results:

  • Precision in hair graft placement
  • Natural results within a few months
  • Continued healthy growth
  • Visible and Convincing results

Dr. Cinik, The Best Eyebrow Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

The success of an eyebrow hair transplant depends on the technique employed, its execution and the ability of the doctor. At Dr. Cinik hair transplant hospital, all surgeries are performed by highly-skilled surgeons who have a high success rate. Believing in offering the best services to our patients, our team employs the latest FUE technique of hair transplant, using the best high-tech German equipment for all transplantation procedures.

  • Best treatments with high number of grafts
  • Short Waiting Time (About a month)
  • 24/7 Assistance Call Centre
  • No hidden costs
Dr. Cinik, The Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

Our Team

Hair Transplantation Team

The founder and head surgeon of Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant Hospital in Turkey is Dr. Cinik himself. Certified by ISHRS, he and his team has been performing hair transplant surgeries for more than 15 years. A specialist in aesthetic medicine and hair transplant, Dr. Cinik has completed more than 8,000 successful FUE transplants.

The medical and patient assistant team consists of highly trained people who have great education in their respective departments. All members of our team are bilingual, creating a multilingual team that can speak English, German, French, Arabic, Spanish and other languages. They are capable of communicating with International Patients, offering the best assistance.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Turkey Package

Our Eyebrow hair transplant package has been designed to offer the best services at an affordable cost. It includes the fees of procedure and other charges too.

At Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital, we believe in offering the best quality services at affordable prices. Our comprehensive packages are aimed at ensuring the comfort of the patients. Our focus has always been on keeping our patients and staff members happy, offering better quality services.

Contact us and allow our team to guide you through the journey to great eyebrows!


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