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Experts Suggestions for Hair Care after Hair Transplantation

Hair plantation is a very popular method today. The first wash and first care processes after hair transplantation affect hair transplantation quality. It is necessary to follow doctor’s recommendations and special care after surgery. The first hair washing after hair transplantation can be done after 3 days.

In the hair washing process, absolutely no nails should be used, washing with palms and fingers should be done. Washing procedures should be done using the recommended lotion and shampoo. Massage movements should not be done to the area where the hair is planted. It is necessary to follow doctor’s recommendations.

What are the Important Points for Hair Transplantation After Care?

It is necessary to pay particular attention to the hair washing process after hair transplantation.

After hair transplantation, the following points should be taken into consideration:

• Suggested lotion should be applied for one hour.
• The neck area should be washed gently with the recommended shampoo.
• The transplanted area should be shampooed with gentle movements.
• Washing operation should be kept long and should be done with soft movements.
• After 10 days, the normal shampoo should be passed after the crusts disappear.
• Hair must dry naturally, hair dryers should not be used unless necessary.
• If a hair dryer is used, it should be used on a cold blower.
• Hair dryers should not be used before 5-10 days.
• The hat should be worn to protect from external factors during the first three days.
• For the first 15 days hair spray or jelly should not be used.
• The hair can be fall after the first three weeks, which is normal, the hair reappears within 8 weeks.

It is important to understand the significance of the first wash after hair transplantation and to get detailed information about the first wash and care. This is very important in terms of the healthy passing of the operation and its aftermath.

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