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Iker Casillas

The operation of hair transplantation can be done with different techniques. The first one is FUT method. With this method the grafts cut in stips and taken from the nape region,will  transplant to the baldness area. This methos is very important because it is the first one but it is not preferred anymore because of the new technologies.

The second technique is FUE method, in which the hair roots are taken individually, either manually or via micro motor without leaving any scarr which is suitable for iker casillas,

The third method is the DHI method. This method is a modification of the FUE method. With this method more intensive hair can be reached and faster healing is seen. This is one of the most preferred methods. There are several ways to apply a direct hair implant technique:

KEEP or choi is one of these. DHI hair transplant can also be considered for Iker Casillas. Considering the hair structure, Iker Casillas is a very suitable candidate.

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