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Exclusive Package 2590€

Our exclusive package consists of FUE hair transplant with maximum number of grafts in one session with a team of trichologists (*Trichologists are hair and scalp specialists) over 10 years of experience performing the latest FUE technique with over 8.000 satisfactory surgeries on hair transplantation. We transplant most possible number of grafts to cover the patient’s baldness area with maximum density. Therefore, our price does not change with number of transplanted grafts. We use the newest FUE method + PRP (platelet rich plasma). The procedure takes one full day approximately around 7-8 hours Our hospital is JCI -USA certified and is the largest hospital group in Europe (with 15 fully equipped hospitals) being the first international hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.
We provide PRP Treatment as part of the surgery (with an estimated value of € 300) PRP therapy is a hair loss treatment which involves drawing patient’s own blood, by processing it so that only the enriched cells (platelet-rich plasma) remain. The blood then gets injected into the scalp. PRP contains essential proteins that stimulate natural hair growth.
Your round trip hotel and airport transfers with VIP cars are included as well as internal transfers between the hotel and clinic. 2 nights or 3 nights accommodation at  5 star hotels, including breakfast and WI-FI The Point Barbaros Hotel http://www.pointhotel.com/point-hotel-barbaros.aspx
1.) Please provide us the date you wish to have the surgery, after checking the flight availability. 2.) Let us check and confirm the availability of the clinic. 3.) Once the clinic is available we will send you a deposit link for 500 Euro. You can send us the flight ticket confirmation along with the deposit payment. 4.) We will do the organization and confirm with all pre-OP details and information.
Before your surgery you will have a consultation with Dr.Cinik, where he will draw your hairline, determine the estimated number of grafts, check your medical history report and prepare the surgery report. The day after your operation your bandages will be taken off and Dr. Cinik will examine you and give recommendations.
Blood will be drawn for evaluation of values to see if convenient for surgery
After the surgery our experts will give you a demo on post-surgery process for the best final results. (The washing procedure, medication advices, the daily life recommendations after surgery). If your trip is 3 nights/4 days, we do your first wash in our clinic before your transfer to airport. (If your trip is longer than 3 nights your washings can be done by us if you wish)
5 different medicines are given to you starting on the day of surgery lasting for five days
A special foam spray to smooth your transplanted area and shampoo is given after the surgery to use 7 days for washing your head. And a special hat to protect your head from dust, sun and rain along with a sleeping pillow
From the beginning of your inquiry to Dr. Cinik, a personal host in your language is ready to assist you throughout the procedure. You can directly contact an expert to analyze your post operation via phone-WhatsApp or email.
The exclusive Package does not include; * BHT (Body Hair Transplant) 200 € –if needed*Needle Free  – 250 €
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