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What is the healing time?..

Total healing (removal of the blood rests, rednees, swelling )takes 2 weeks. ..


What is maximum number that you can..

We transplant most of possible number (5000) of grafts to cover the patients baldness area with maximum densit..


How is the distribution of the graf..

As nature of hair loss pattern it is better to start  with a new hairline and high density in the front thinni..


What are the differences between FU..

DHI method is the newest method in hair transplant.   Extraction is the same with FUE method. But implanting p..


Should i use any supplements after ..

In our clinic we recommend to all our patients to use the Dr. Cinik Support Products. The effect of Dr. Cinik ..


When can i start to do exercise?..

It is not recommended to do sports or physical activities for 1 month post operation. ..


The Different Steps of a Hair Trans..

We understand that a surgical hair transplant procedure seems to be a scary idea to many people. This is prima..


Hair Transplant without Shaving..

Hair Transplant without Shaving If you’re dealing with hair loss, a hair transplant is a perfect solution tha..


The Highlights of the FUE Method..

You must have heard about several different hair transplant methods. You may have heard some myths too. As hai..

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