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Hair Transplant Pain

On average, a person loses around 100 hairs from their scalp daily. While this seems like it’s a lot, it’s completely natural [...]

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Hair Transplant Hair Wash

Post-operative hair transplant hair wash may seem challenging, but it’s much easier than you imagine. It may also seem a [...]

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Hair Transplant Smoking

If you are thinking about undergoing a hair transplant procedure, you should consider doing it in Istanbul, Turkey. That’s where the [...]

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Reasons For A Hair Transplant

Hair loss isn’t typical only in men, as it’s a problem that affects women as well. Female pattern baldness is [...]

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Hair Transplant Sport

A hair transplant is a serious medical procedure that requires proper healthcare and aftercare. Patients are required to protect their [...]

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Hair Loss Stress

Hair shedding is entirely natural, as every type of hair has its growth cycle. It can be annoying when your [...]


Donor Area After Hair Transplantation

If you’re dealing with hair loss and are looking for the best and most affordable hair restoration surgery, Turkey might [...]

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