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Advanced Age Problem in Hair Transplantation

Hair loss and baldness, problems seen as age progresses. As long as there is no disease in young people hair loss is not encountered. Therefore, patients who have hair transplantation are usually middle or advanced ages. One of the methods recently started to be implemented is the organic, natural hair methods. So, what about the natural hair transplantation?

As it is known, person’s own hair grafts are used. One method applies hair follicles locally, while the other method applies one at a time. This depends entirely on the physician and the clinic. On the other hand, in some patients the hair reappears as natural and lush, while some patients’ hair looks either artificial or not at all.

The method developed as a natural hair plant aims to finish these differences. Of course all methods use one’s own hair. But no method is interested in the area where the hair is to be transplanted.

When people are young, there is a thick layer of fat between the skull and hair. As the age progresses, this layer is examined. Because hair directly touches the skull, hair roots become weak. Essentially, this is the reason for most hair loss.

The natural hair transplant starts to work by regaining this fat layer in the body. In general, some fat from someone’s abdominal area is injected under the hair area. The quality of the zone is increased and after the sowing is completed, the hair is made easier to root and hold.

Our friends, who are looking for answers to questions about how natural hair should be made or where they should be done, can find answers on the internet with a little research. This method is widespread in our country and there are many doctors who specialized in this subject. All you need to do is make a small internet research for your hair.

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