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6 Months 200 Euro

6 Months 200€

250 ml Shampoo


> It prevents hair loss by caring for hair and scalp.

> It supports the formation of healthier and stronger hair.

> Helps accelerate hair growth.

> Small, organic nanospheres reach the deepest layer of the skin, keeping the product active for a long time.

> The product developed with Nano Technology enables you to achieve more permanent and long results.


Deposit payment and Conditions;
1.If your treatment plan changes as a result of your actual physical examination by your
doctor/surgeon or because of your test results, you will receive a full refund.
2) If you cancel your treatment by notifying Dr.Cinik hair transplant clinic in writing your deposit will
be kept 1 year from the time of cancellation as a credit under your name valid for 1 year.



We endeavor to deliver the products you ordered within 3-4 business days. For products that take time to supply, the cargo delivery time is 7 working days as specified in the product detail. In case of possible delivery delay, you will be informed.
In order for the product to be delivered without interruption, please provide the address of your current location as the delivery address.
Your requests will be processed to be prepared according to the delivery type you have determined at the end of the order. Products from our Istanbul company will be sent by UPS cargo company. After your orders are approved, they are delivered to the Cargo company at the end of 7 (Seven) business days at the latest.
You can consult our customer representative to discuss different delivery terms. In addition, cargo delivery are valid only for Turkey and the world

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cancellation and refund conditions

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